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Hi both, this looks so fantastic, love all the the wonderfull things you made, and even I know, I will not be able, to create with you every day,for 2 weeks, because of my shop, that I`m every day creating for-- I feels so tempted to take part in this. But just a question dear Beth and Karla- :Is it possible to save all your instructions to my own computer, so I can use those later,- that I for the moment being cant find time for--?
If so I will run to buy your gorgeus workshop.
Hugs, Dorthe

Mary Green

It looks WONDERFUL! How exciting!


This does look like a wonderful class! I have the same question as Dorthe-can the class be saved for a later date?
Sorry, but I'm having problems emailing from a site with my new computer. You can respond however to my email and I will be able to retrieve.
Thanks so much!

Carol Anne

Oh such beauty in each of your projects! I too am wondering if the class can be saved for a later date?
Thank you so much~
Carol Anne

Judi W

I got the heads up for your class from Mary's Green Paper blog and I am NOT a halloween decorating type person but your projects are SO AMAZING and useable for many other applications that I am signing up as soon as I get this message completed.

I can't wait for this class to start
Thank You


Hi there,
came over from Dorthe and I must say I'm very tempted!! Mmmh, I'm still thinking but
I'm sure I'll sign up.
Have a wonderfull evening.

LuLu Kellogg

I am SO excited! I have just signed up!! I posted your button on my Blog so my readers can find this wonderful workshop!

LuLu Kellogg


I agree Beth, the projects look amazing! I love the idea of the "ghostly images" but not necessarily so Halloweenish!

Diane Knott

Beth, same as Dorthe asked...will we be able to save the classes to our computer for a later time? We're busy ladies and don't want to miss out on a thing!

Thank you! Diane

Dede Warren

Great workshop Karla and Beth! Lovin' the colors, the look, and the smashing price!!

Peggy B

Love all the images...but I absolutely adore the Banner!!!

Marnie Blum

Beautiful, beautiful work!!

Cami @ Creating Myself

I'm all signed up & eager to play!

Cheryl Dolby

What a wonderful class idea. I'm so glad I found your blog!


Just read of this, in the blog of a Dear Friend of mine. Oh my! "Romantic Gothic Ghosts"! Oh wonderful.

Actually, I don't craft, so what am I doing here, hu? ,-) Inspiration. Inspiration.

Thank you.

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